Working hard updating website after many years of coasting and focusing on Wikipedia (English & German)

I have added so many things it is hard to begin.

Did major rework of Bibra church (St. Leo’s) and Neue Schloss Bibra.

Did major rework of interactive map of Bibra places.

New additions include drone videos of Brennhausen from the air.

Added additional modern photos of Brennhausen. Some of the addition photos in this section don’t have high resolution at this point. If needed from these select photos, contact me.

Completed the digitization of THE VON BIBRA STORY with the addition of last quarter of book.

Done a lot of work on Scholarship section. Completed DIE KUNSTDENKMÄLER DES KÖNIGREICHS BAYERN UNTER-FRANKEN XIII. BEZ.-AMT KÖNIGSHOFEN book and Bau- und Kunstdenkmäler Thüringens. STADT MEININGEN UND DIE LANDORTE [HEFT 34] 1909 book.

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