What’s New

November 2023

Lessor Known Women from Brennhausen Line – added Antonia Freifrau von Bibra
geb. Freiin de Brason

August 2023

Added image of book of Reinhard von Bibra

Added new plate and switch out main image Heinrich von

July 2023

Added Adelsdorf postcard.

June 2023

Added Agnes von Bibra and August von Bibra to Historical Family Members page.

Added Page on Agnes von Bibra, artist of family properties and proponent of family unity

Added Reunion Cup from 1900 Family Reunion

Updated Wolf von Bibra Page and connected to Historical Family Members Page

Added to door discussion for Unterschloss Bibra.

Added details from images of postcards for Unterschloss Bibra (2) Updated back of sketch to cleaner version on inscription.

Added images of postcards for Gleicherwiesen and Bibra (2).

May 2023

Added new image of Irmelshausen print by Agnes von Bibra

added two images to Brennhausen Reunion page of Annie and Malou

March 2023

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Gottlob von Bibra print’s left side finally identified at Aroldshausen.

Added photos of Aroldshausen from before bulldozed. Changed icon for menu.

Added probable images of Dörfleshof and Aroldshausen from print of Irmelshausen and satellite properties

February 2023

Added a couple painting to Art by Wolf von Bibra and better photo of a Wolf painting of Brennhausen in Brennhausen Art.

Added self portrait of Ernst von Bibra to his page.

January 2023

Added another self portrait of Wolf and updated Waltershausen, Bibra and Brennhausen sketch with better photos, all by Jaslyn Gilbert Art by Wolf von Bibra

October 2022

Added images of two Wolf paintings found in Illinois and Michigan

Added page on 2001 book on Bibra Church (Alter & crucifix)

September 2022

Added detail photos of Lorenz von Bibra‘s grave

August 2022

Added higher quality image and signature detail Roland at the Battle of Roncesvalles

Added paintings to Leonie Marie von Bibra page

January 2022

Brennhausen Maps started with 1613 Map

November 2021

Lessor Known Women from Brennhausen Line – mostly for Brennhausen people

Das Bayerland a 1903 Article in German on Family

The Amazing Story of Ludwig Ernst von Bibra and Katharina Seyfert

September 2021

Added images to R von Bibra, Lorenz von Bibra, and Würzburg (Rathaus)

June 2021

Schloss Adelsdorf book 1995

May 2021

Wolf’s Roland at the Battle of Roncesvalles

April 2021

Add information at bottom of Bibra Treppe from Würzburg book 1915


Otto-Siegfried von Bibra Books

Reinhard Freiherr von Bibra (1845-1926) Professional Soldier and Historian

Marina von Bibra – Art Historian

Contemplated Future Pages (was on old wedsite, restored)

March 2021

British Empire Bibras added information and links through site relevant to topic

Höhn (bei Bibra) Die Burgstelle the fort at Bibra before the Burg

Die Schebheimer Linie derer von Bibra und ihr Ende

DAS KASTELL BIBRA a big project to preserve a hand typed history of Bibra and primarily the Burg. In German, to OCR and translate would be huge project because of the typed letter quality which is fine for reading but not OCRing. I have in my possession what I assume is one of the few copies (since it is typed) and I wanted to preserve the resource.

500 Jahre St. -Leo- Kirche zu Bibra

Brought back this page “What’s New”

January – February 2021

Done a lot of work on Scholarship section.

Completed DIE KUNSTDENKMÄLER DES KÖNIGREICHS BAYERN UNTER-FRANKEN XIII. BEZ.-AMT KÖNIGSHOFEN book. Had original here in California from Leonard vB Sutton estate.

Bau- und Kunstdenkmäler Thüringens. STADT MEININGEN UND DIE LANDORTE [HEFT 34] 1909 book. This also was hard but at least a rough OCR was available as a starting place. Translated and reformatted with images relevant sections. This was a lot of work and it included scanning, digitally cleaning up (images and text), and rough OCRing and machine translation. I purchased an original volume which got hung up at Frankfurt airport for over two months. Transferred many of images to Wikipedia Commons.

Franz Ludwig von Bibra

Ernest John Bibra

Early 2021

Completed the digitization of THE VON BIBRA STORY with the addition of last quarter of book.

Reboot of Website

After many years of coasting and focusing on Wikipedia (English & German) my future daughter-in-law, Jaslyn Gilbert, transferred vonbibra.net from my old outdated web site software to a widely used new platform in 2020. This was the major roadblock holding me back. For the next several month, I worked extensively on the interactive map and finally learned how to manipulate the website.

I have added so many things it is hard to begin.

Did major rework of Bibra church (St. Leo’s) and Neue Schloss Bibra.

Did major rework of interactive map of Bibra places.

New additions include drone videos of Brennhausen from the air.

Added additional modern photos of Brennhausen. Some of the addition photos in this section don’t have high resolution at this point. If needed from these select photos, contact me.