Modern Scholarship

The von Bibra Story
by Lois Nyman and Graeme von Bibra

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Die Bibra
by Werner Wagenh?fer

Die Bibra: Studien und Materialien zur Genealogie und zur Besitzgeschichte einer fränkischen Niederadelsfamilie im Spätmittelalter (IX. Reihe: Darstellungen aus der fränkischen Geschichte) (Deutsch) Gebundene Ausgabe 1. Januar 1998

This is a new book by Werner Wagenhöfer focuses on the early Bibra family. Modern scholarship is brought to the study of the Bibra Family.

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The back cover shows the coat of arms of the noble families of the Wuerzburg area in 1525. The top row is the higher nobility and the second row is what was considered the most important of the regular nobility. Around 1500 was the peak of the power and influence of the family when it was one of the most important families in region.

Reichsfreiheit Und Furstendienst: Die Dienstenbeziehungen Der Von Bibra 1500 Bis 1806 
by Martin Stingl

Reichsfreiheit Und Furstendienst: Die Dienstenbeziehungen Der Von Bibra 1500 Bis 1806 (Deutsch) Gebundene Ausgabe 1. Januar 1994

By Martin Stingl

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Fürstbischof Heinrich von Bibra und die Katholische Aufklärung im Hochstift Fulda (1759-88)
by Michael Müller

New book which is based on a doctoral thesis.  The book is on
Heinrich von Bibra.

ISBN 3 7900 0368 9

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State and nobility in early modern Germany: The knightly feud in Franconia 1440-1567
By Hillay Zmora

Enno Bünz, Wolfgang Weiß (Hrsg.): Bischof Lorenz von Bibra (1495-1519) und seine Zeit Herrschaft, Kirche und Kultur im Umbruch. Echter, Würzburg 2020, ISBN 978-3-429-05497-7.

2020 Books on Demand on the Schebheim Line and their end. Follow link to page.

While the book is primarily on the correcting what he considers the false view that the feud was the result of hard times among the nobles, it is the finest book in English on understanding the role of the Franconian nobles in state building and the role of pledges. The best way to understand Wagenhoefer book is the read pages 42-62 on pledges first.

I plan to write a book review on the book explaining his research.

The Bibras and Bishop Lorenz von Bibra are in the thick of things during this time period since the family was a the peak of power during the late 1400’s and the first half of the 1500’s.

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Plant Intoxicants
By Baron Ernst von Bibra

This modern translation is the best resource in English and perhaps in any language on Ernst most famous work.  
It not only includes translation but modern research on each topic and a biographical introduction.

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Modern Scholarship (Articles)

Early Erlangen contributions to the theory and practice of ether and chloroform anesthesia: The animal experiments by Ernst von Bibra and Emil Harless

U. v. Hintzenstern, H. Petermann, W. Schwarz
Der Anaesthesist Issue Volume 50, Number 11 / November, 2001

Just three months after the first application of sulfuric ether to a patient in German-speaking countries the monography The effect of sulfuretherin chemical and physiological Relationship was published. In this book, Ernst von Bibra and Emil Harless presented their experimental research on the effects of ether on humans and compared it to those on animals. The contents of the book are described. The authors “Theory on the action of ether” will be discussed in the context of contemporary criticism. Their hypothesis affected the discussion on the mechanisms of anesthetic action up to the twentieth century.

20 page history booklet on the history of the village Bibra from DDR times