Family Reunions before WWI

June 26, 1893

At the 2005 Reunion, Hans von Bibra read a telegram from the Irmelshausen library from the Kaiser Wilhelm II to the family on the occasion of the Family Reunion. (see newspaper article below in 2005)

July 16, 1900

Reunion Cup

Hans Carl Frhr. v. Bibra
Probably Hans Ernst Carl (1856-1939) father of Hans and Sigismund of Irmelshausen at auction 6/2023

Family Reunions after WWII

August 16, 17, 18 1985 – First family reunion in many decades. Held at Brennhausen, Adelsdorf and closing banquet at Pommersfelden Palace restaurant. This reunion was really two reunions in one: Brennhausen branch (descendants of Wolf von Bibra) and Bibra family overall. Helmut von Bibra-Adelsdorf and Conrad von Bibra-Brennhausen hosted in the name of the Family Senior, Otto-Siegfried von Bibra-Bibra.

1985 Reunion Cup

July 8 – 10, 1994

    Friday  July 8, 1994

    Morning:  A tour of Würzburg hosted by Wolfgang Freiherr von Bibra
    Afternoon and evening: A barbecue and gathering at Brennhausen hosted by Conrad Freiherr von Bibra and sons: Brenn, Carl and Terry

    Saturday July 9, 1994

    Morning:  Excursion to Gleicherweisen etc.

    Afternoon and evening: Tour and dinner at Irmelshausen hosted by Hans Freiherr von Bibra

    Sunday July 10, 1994

    Morning: Tour of Bibra and church service at Bibra parish church hosted by Elisabeth Freifrau von Bibra and son, Jörg Freiherr von Bibra  

    Friday, August 12 through Sunday, August 14, 2005
    Freiherr Conrad von Bibra, Brennhausen  
    Freiherr Hans von Bibra, Irmelshausen and
    Freifrau Elizabeth von Bibra, Bibra

    Have the honor of inviting you to a Family Reunion of
    the Reichsfreiherren von Bibra at three Bibra castles in Germany

The 2005 Reunion

Reunion of the Descendants of Wolf and Franziska von Bibra
Sartorius von Waltershausen Appendix Pages

Brennhausen Reunion held separately This reunion also included the Waltershausen connection which is included as an appendix.

Patricia & Conrad von Bibra
Have the honor of inviting you to a Family Reunion
of the descendants of Wolf and Franziska von Bibra
To be held at Wolf’s family home in Brennhausen, Germany
Thursday, July 27 through Saturday, July 29, 2006

“Mini-Reunion” July 31, 2010

Reunion Summer 2018

Welcome talk at Saturday morning in Fulda and guided tour in memory of prince bishop Heinrich von Bibra.

In the afternoon, Hans and Yvonne were hosts in Irmelshausen This day ended with a dinner in the local inn.

Sunday started in Bibra with a service in the St. Leo’s church at Bibra. Afterwards, Jörg made the most official talk afterwards in the Burg.