Terrys’ Tarry

Welcome to the place were Terrys of many makes, Tarry.

Planning Calendar

The calendar is not for reserving days, but as a planning tool to see what should be available.

The partnership as of July 2021 has no property and will close by the end of 2021. JRC Partnership management policies approved at the July 2015 Reunion
1.? A three member JRC Management Committee with a representative from the Ingraham, Renton, and von Bibra family line are responsible for the financial management of the JRC partnership and the maintenance and upkeep of the properties. Carl von Bibra, Jamie Renton, and Tricia Paulsen will be the members of JRC Management Committee.

2.  The income from the JRC partnership is to be used for the maintenance and upkeep of the properties. If the annual income from the partnership is insufficient for the maintenance and upkeep of the properties, the JRC Management Committee may vote for an assessment from each of the family lines for 1/3 of the needed funds to eliminate the deficit.

3.  A $10 per night reservation fee for the beach house was approved. Reservations for the house will continue to be made with Carl von Bibra. Availability can be checked on the Terrys? Tarry calendar. Once a reservation has been confirmed with Carl, the family member will process their reservation fee online or by sending a check. To process the fee online the family member will use their PayPal account to send their fee within the PayPal system to tpaulsen66@gmail.com which is linked to the JRC checking account at Bank of America. The PayPal account takes a credit card with a small fee or a direct deposit from the family member?s checking account without a fee. In the note section of the PayPal screen put the dates of your stay. A family member may send a check made out to J.R.C. Farms to Carl von Bibra, 1415 Milan Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030. On your check write the dates of your stay. Once the fee is received the payment will be recorded on the Terrys? Tarry calendar. The money raised will be used to partially offset the $8,000 yearly maintenance expense of the beach house.

4.  Visitation of the Tulelake house will be coordinated with Jamie Renton. The house plumbing needs to be winterized in the winter months and prepared for use in the other months.  Jamie is the expert on the Tulelake house.

Carl von Bibra maintains the master calendar for Terrys? Tarry. Reservations for the house must be confirmed with Carl at cell phone 626-437-4645 or email at “bibra@compuserve.com”.  If you need to reach in a hurry, Carl’s cell is 626-437-4645.  After being confirmed by phone, check back on the calendar and the dates should be added within a day or two.

Terrys? Tarry may be used by family members only. Non-family guests may use the house only with the physical presence of a family member.

The yearly expenses of the house are shared one third by each of Joy?s, Peggy?s and Pat?s families. The current annual expenses are about $8,000 per year.

Major repairs above the normal annual maintenance expenses will be required from time to time as needed. Carl von Bibra is responsible for the payment of bills.

Guests wishing to contribute to help with the upkeep of the House should send cash or a check made payable to:

JRC Farms
c/o Carl von Bibra
1415 Milan Avenue
South Pasadena, CA  91030.  

For your convenience, some self-addressed stamped envelopes are provided in the house.


Tom completed the transfer of property June 2021 (house & side lot) and Tulelake farm to a LLC of identical ownership. Once complete this will allow the ordinary house expenses to be covered by farming profits.


  1. The switches for the hot water heater and living room heater are kept turned off. You will have to turn them ON at the circuit breaker box on the opposite side of the house from the driveway. DO NOT TURN OFF ANY OTHER SWITCH.
  2. Baseboard heater gets very hot, please keep furniture and other things such as pillows and throws 12 inches away from them.
  3. Mini-blinds should be level when raising or lowering them.
  4. Feel free to use any of the supplies; just replace any that you use up.
  5. Clothes dryer: Turn knob gently clockwise only. It breaks easily.
  6. Use house keys on counter while visiting rather than hidden key.


  1. Check toilet and water faucets to be certain that no water is running. It is best to turn off water to toilets. Be sure washing machine faucets are OFF.
  2. Turn off both the heater and hot water heater at the circuit breaker switch box.
  3. Shades should be in an open position, but turned slightly up so the sun does not hit furniture directly.
  4. Leave closets open at each end for air circulation.
  5. Unplug electric blankets in both bedrooms.
  6. Leave water filter full and in refrigerator. It should never be empty.
  7. Leave dehumidifier in bathroom ON.
  8. Be certain that outside doors are firmly closed and locked especially the front door.
  9. If you used the hidden key to enter, be sure to put it back where you found it for the next guests to come.
  10. If you don?t have time to wash and dry your laundry, please leave it in the dirty laundry basket in the north bedroom. Please do not take laundry home to wash.
  11. Please sign the guest book, particularly listing any highlights which might be or interest to others.

Please Segregate Trash
Blue Container
Put in Blue Container recyclable trash like aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, ?tin? cans, newspapers (including the slick ads), plastic tubs and bottles, cardboard paper towel tubes or cereal boxes (remove the plastic lining first), cardboard (flattened and stacked), junk mail and magazines!
Green Container
In the Green Container put yard and lawn clippings and other green waste. Do not put greenwaste in your regular recycling bin with cans and bottles!
Grey Container
Please use grey container for all other non-recyclable trash including styrofoam or any containers marked number 6 or 7 are not recyclable.

Download the Rules of the House
Download the Trash guidelines