Lesser Known Women from Brennhausen Line

Clementine Franziska Elisabeth Josepha Lübeck, born Bibra (Brennhausen)

Must be sister of Karl Ernst.

Husband: Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Lübeck (26.1.1819 – 18.8.1871)

Marriage record of son giving information on wedding pair’s parents

Son: Joseph Rudolph Lübeck

Charlotte Amalie Lastig

Born 15 Jan 1837
Baptism Date: 27 Mar 1837
Father: Johann Julius Adolf Lastig
Mother: Amalie Heinrichette Lastig

26 Jul 1858 1st marriage: Friedrich Gottlob Franz Sommer
Marienwerder, Westpreußen, Preußen, Deutschland
She was 21 when 1st married, he was 29

26.4.1888 future father-in-law Carl Ernst passes away

30.11.1888 Charlotte (51) married in Stolp, then part of Germany, now Poland, Eberhard von Bibra (born March 8, 1864, age 24), 27 years younger than her and younger than her son.

24.4.1917 Berlin record of son’s death Franz Wilhelm Adolf Sommer age 57

30.6.1920 Charlotte death age 83 (Eberhard age 56)
26.5.1921 Eberhard (age 57) remarried Josephine (age 37)

Maria Katharina Ernestine Pfirrmann

wife of Carl Theodor Freiherr von Bibra
born in Dettenheim by Stuttgart, baptized 1860
Mother: Ernestine Christine Zimmermann
Father: Philipp Michael Pfirrmann
Marriage Date: 8. Aug 1882 (8 Aug 1882)
Marriage Place: Heilig Geist Katholisch, Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Baden
died about 1930

Antonia Freifrau von Bibra
geb. Freiin de Brason

  1. Juni 1792 – 16. Juli 1863
    Brennhausen Friedrich Ludwig was born June 29, 1789 and entered military service at the age of sixteen. This was at the time when Napoleon was marching through Europe and seemed unstoppable. He proclaimed the Kingdom of Bavaria and elevated the Wittelsbach Duke of Bavaria to King of Bavaria in order to obtain his military support for the campaign into Russia. The Duchy of Franconia was given to this new Kingdom of Bavaria. As a consequence, Friedrich Ludwig who served in the Franconian military was sent on Napoleon’s Russian campaign. On the way, he was quartered with a family in Galicia (now part of Poland /Ukraine). Later as Napoleon retreated after losing three fourths of his army in a very severe winter, Friedrich Ludwig staggered back to the same family where the daughter Antonia helped nurse his wounds. They were married on April 20, 1812 (per Stingl from Bibra archive carton 106) in Solotweina (Solotvina, Solotwyn, Sołotwina), Galicia (currently in Ukraine) which implies they married prior to his injuries from Napoleon’s Russia campaign. The de Brason family were Hugenots originally from France who had fled there during earlier persecutions of Protestants. They were involved in weaving.
    After he resigned his commission on March 31, 1814 (same time period as Napoleon was removed as emperor), they returned to Brennhausen and found it emptied out. (Leonie said that local people assumed that the young baron had been killed and was not coming back, so they took whatever they could from inside.) Friedrich Ludwig died July 7, 1827 at the age of 38. Antonia died at the age of 71 on July 16,1863.

According to Martin Stingl:

Antonie von Brason father Johannes, mother Theresia von Olesch.

Friedrich Ludwig was in the imperial service by 1805 and by 1807 at the latest in the 41. Infantry Regiment. Under Lieutenant about 1809 and Over Lieutenant about 1813. He left the service on March 31, 1814.

Although the Almanac de Gotha says she was Freiin when she married, Stingl does not reference it. I put it on her Grave Marker.

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