Other New York “Bibras”

Carl von Bibra 1830-1899, listed as “CARL BIEBRA” on son’s birth certificate

Gravestone also at Greenwood Cemetery (see top) has “KARL UND CHRISTINA VON BIBRA

A “Carl Von Bibra” enlisted as a wagoner in the military at age 28. Likely same person.

VON BIBRA (his grave stone & war records)

Biebra (son’s birth certificate)

Von Bibera (also known as on war records)

Bibra (wife’s death records, children and grandchildren)

Von Biberer (main name on naturalization document and signed by him)

Von Bibrer (some war records)

Carl Von Bibra Civil War Discharge paper state also know as Carl Von Bibera born September 14, 1830, died Oct 7, 1899 wife Caroline C. Bibra died 1883

Green-wood Lot 5499, Section 2 Grave 655

Citizenship records:
signed Carl Von Biberer Blacksmith October 1864
Came over from Saxe Meinigen Served in civil war on Union side, became citizen

June 6, 1861 was 28 years old on (which would mean 1832 not 1830)
Discharged on Feb. 18,1863 wounded in action at Bull Run Aug. 30, 1862
Listed as Von Bibra, Carl also known as Carl Von Bibera

Carl Von Bibrer 29/1/65 – 18.Feb 1863 war records

Carl’s descendants live through the US.  I have information on this.

Despite some effort, I have not been able to tie Carl to the von Bibra family.  There are other people in Germany with the last name “Bibra” with no known connection to the “von Bibra” family or could be from the “von Bibran-Modlau” family which is sometimes referred to as “von Bibra”.