Friedrich Freiherr von Bibra zu Irmelshausen

Born July 21, 1813, in Weilburg, Germany                                 
Died February 9, 1851, in Brooklyn, New York

  • His widow and son returned to Germany.  
  • He is buried in Brooklyn at Greenwood Cemetery (world’s first modern cemetery) near the chapel without a marker. Grave 179 in Lot 3667. I had bronze grave plate made but cemetery would not allow a non-stone marker.
  • Friedrich’s mother died two days after he was born.
  • Wife died in Frankfurt a.M. October 24, 1897
  • His son was August Amalius Karl Gerhard Theodor.
  • It appears had a daughter that didn’t survive long enough to return with mother to Germany.
  • August Amalius Karl Gerhard Theodor died August 7, 1940 in Hannover, Family Senior.