The von Bibra Story

by Lois Nyman and Graeme von Bibra

The book on the Bibras in English. Chapter 1 is overall about the family, the rest on the many descendants of Franz Ludwig who emigrated to Australia and the British Empire. Chapters 2-8 are very interesting reading and a must for anyone connected to the Bibras from the British Commonwealth. The book is very hard to find which is why I am putting it online with permission from Graeme von Bibra.

First published November 1996

Printed and bound in Tasmania by Foot & Playsted Pty. Ltd., Launceston

Photoset in Times and Berkeley

ISBN 0-9597188-1-8

Cover photograph: Bibra Castle – Germany

Description from back of book:
This is a lively account of a member of a wealthy and powerful old Bavarian family who left the Royal Household in England and came to Van Diemen’s Land in 1823, with tragic results. It tells of the pioneering efforts of his children, and follows their descendants through to the present time.

(From the back cover of the book)
Born in Launceston, Lois Nyman is an ex-servicewoman and an ex-teacher. A visit to two of the von Bibra castles in Germany has given her a feeling for the history which she has written. Her poems, articles and short stories have appeared in magazines and newspapers, and she has been represented in anthologies both locally and interstate. Her published books are ‘The Lyne Family History‘ (Mercury-Walch, 1976), ‘The East Coasters‘ (Regal Publications, 1990), and ‘The West Tamar People‘ (Regal Publications, 1996). She and her husband live in Hobart.

(From the back cover of the book)
Graeme von Bibra was born in Launceston in 1929 and spent some years jackarooing in the State. He joined Webster Ltd, where he spent thirty-four years, retiring as Managing Director of Webster-ANL. He has travelled extensively overseas on both pleasure and business and it was on his first trip in 1955 that, together with his parents, he first visited the Germany family. He has visited Barvaria five times altogether and has a close connection with the von Bibras there. Acknowledged as the family historian, Graeme has a most interesting archive and knowledge of the history of the family. His hobbies are golfing and sailing. He lives in busy retirement in Margate.

Downloadable portions of the book

Contents – includes title pages, metric equivalents, index of illustrations, foreward, editorial note, and acknowledgments
Chapter 1 – Germany
Chapter 2 – Franz Ludwig von Bibra
Chapter 3 – The family in VD.L. and those who returned to England
Chapter 4 – Franz Ludwig’s children
Chapter 5 – Franz Ludwig, Jnr., (Francis Louis) and two of his daughters
Chapter 6 – Benedict’s children
Chapter 7 – Francis Louis’s children
Chapter 8 – Louis Edward’s children – PDF file newly added 1/21
Chapter 9 – The children of Frank and Will – PDF file newly added 1/21
Epilogue by Graeme von Bibra – PDF file newly added 1/21
Bibliography & Additions to Bibliography – PDF file newly added 1/21

Excerpts from Chapter 1 with overall summary of family

(reprinted with permission from Graeme von Bibra shortly before his passing)