Read about the history of Brennhausen on Wikipedia and German Wikipedia.
Read additional highlights on Brennhausen.
View Wolf von Bibra‘s paintings of mostly Brennhausen.
Read a discussion on the Issue of Being Haunted by Nuns and the Dead Nun Found in the Wall.
Read more about Brennhausen on this German website and website.

Brennhausen Die Kunstdenmäler Des Königreichs Bayern, Unter-Franken XIII. Bez.-Amt Königshofen 1915

A translation of Brennhausen section

Brennhausen Older Photos
Brennhausen Modern Photos
Brennhausen from the Air
Brennhausen Roof Structure
Brennhausen Art
Brennhausen the Village (?)
Brennhausen Postcards
Brennhausen and Irmelshausen in Publications
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