2018 Look-back

The rebuild of the old Scout House was initially driven by City
councilman Dave Margrave who asked the Rotary Club of South
Pasadena to take the driver’s seat.

I, Carl von Bibra, chaired the committee and we raised the funds
beyond the $50,000 already put aside by the city.  The various
individuals involved included.

Carl von Bibra (Rotary): Chair
Peter Kingston (Rotary): chair of the Fund-raising committee
Tom Lake (Rotary volunteer): supervised construction of
structure itself
Dave Margrave through Morrow & Holman Plumbing provided
HVAC and plumbing.  
Doug Ewing of Ewing Architects donated architectural drawings
Steve Tepe donated most of landscaping costs
Cliff Douglas did a reduced cost hardscaping around house
including fire pit