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What makes our wine special?  It's the grapes.  
We use what we think are the finest Zinfandel grapes.  For the 2001
and 2004 vintage it was second harvest grapes.  These grapes are a
very small percentage of the overall harvest but Harris Vineyards large
old vine acreage makes it possible to do a bottling of these special
grapes.  For the 2007 and 2009 Old Vine Zin, we are used the regular
harvest since they were the finest regular harvest zin grapes Harris
Vinyards have every had.
Mission Oaks, MissionOak
The Mission Oak tree is a real tree on the vineyard.
Mission Oaks Harris Vineyards Old Vine Zinfandel -- 2001 wass our first year of
wine. Mission Oaks wine is a joint project of Carl von Bibra with his friend since
preschool, Thano Adamson, with the assistance of Carl’s grape growing cousins
at Harris Vineyards.

The idea grew out of Carl and Thano tasting Carl’s cousin’s homemade wine
made from his “second harvest” grapes and deciding these special grapes
needed a wine of their own.  The name Mission Oaks comes from Mission Street
and Fair Oaks Avenue which are two major streets in South Pasadena.  They
intersect in the center of town.

However, as we are blessed with one of the largest stands of Old Vine Zinfandel
(230 acres) in California, we were able to go back and pick enough grapes for
this wine. These grapes were grown on the bluffs overlooking the Mokelumne
River along the western edge of the Sierra Nevada's in the fertile San Joaquin
Valley northeast of Lodi, one of California's pioneer grape growing areas that is
famous for Zinfandel.
Our 2007 is currently
still available at all
Bristol Farms.
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