Significance of Places
1 - Bibra
1A - Burg Bibra: Original Bibra castle, apparently longest continually owned castle by a family in the state of
Thuringia.  Partially destroyed in both 1525 and in 30 Years War.

1B - Bibra Village Church - built in 1492 - Three important clergy, all members of the family were important
sponsors: Kilian, Lorenz and Albrecht, each has own alter and coat of arms in stained glass

1C - Neu Schloss or New Castle built after Burg Bibra partially destroyed in 1525

2 - Irmelshausen

2A - Castle - In the family for 600 years - except for large tower, built by family, the ownership of parts of castle, farm
land and forest are divided and complex to explain

2B - Church - beautiful Bibra graves and furniture

3 - Brennhausen - received by family in 1681 as an out of court settlement, most other Bibra fiefs other than Bibra,
Irmelshausen, and Höchheim also involved.

4 - Gleicherweisen - Village in control by Bibras for hundreds of years, half of manner house torn down a couple
decades ago - All British and Down Under Bibra come from this branch.  Bibra grave markers in cemetery removed
also a couple decades ago.  Jewish cemetery on east side outside of town as town had very large Jewish population
until about 1900.  Church has inscription above door -  Pretty inside

5 - Kleinbardorf - beautiful small former Bibra water castle, also involved in lawsuit above

6 - Höchheim - Bibra village for 600 years, manner house left family in 1970's - great grave in village church,
interesting custom house also

7 - Dörfleshof - Large farm given to Bibras at Irmelshausen when feudalism was abolished in the 1800's - far, owned
by Wolf von Bibra

8 - Aroldshausen - Farm and forest estate associated with Irmelshausen by taken by communists, building bull-
dozed a few decades ago, compensated rather than returned after wall came down

9 - Rossrieth - former Bibra castle, was beautiful but falling apart, government put a new roof and plastered outside
so has lost much of it’s charm

10 - Aubstadt - former Bibra village associated with the Brennhausen and Bibra-Bibra lines, fox like coat of arms on
outside of church

11- Waltershausen - briefly partially owned by the sons-in-laws (one a Bibra when the family died without sons, later
in the late 1800's and early 1900's closely associated with Brennhausen branch which has much furniture from the
home from a daughter of the house and her sister

12 - Unter Essfield Grave Yard - many Bibra’s buried there

13 - Trappstadt - recent times until early 70's associated with Irmelshausen, has old and new manner houses
on east side of town
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