Family Histories Written by Wilhem von Bibra

Family histories are broken into four volumes. Volume 0 from 1870 features the overall history of the family with many beautiful pictures. Volume 1 from 1880 has a more in-depth history. Volume 2 was published in 1882 and Volume 3 was published in 1888.

Read the digitized copy of Volume 0 (in German) on Google Books.

Volume 0 – 1870

Wilhelm von Bibra
1870 Volume

Lorenz von Bibra coat of arms from 1870 volume

Bibra Coins from 1870 volume

Five Bibra castles are mentioned in the 1870 volume.




Burg Bibra


Print from 1870 volume of Hans von Bibra epithet in Bibra’s St. Leo’s (was buried in Veßra) by Reimanschneider.

Volume 1 1880

Engraving from 1880 (Vol. 1)

Bibra Knight

Volume 2 1882

Irmelshausen Knight

Engraving of Albrecht von Bibra’s grave plate in Wuerzburg Cathedral in Vol. 2

Bernhard von Bibra and wife’s grave in Irmelshausen church in Vol. 2

Prince-Bishop Conrad von Bibra Grave Plate in Vol. 2

Grave of Wilhelm von Bibra, Vol. 2

Volume 3 1888

Heinrich von Bibra from Vol. 3

A less detailed version of this print of Ernst von Bibra is in Vol. 3

vol. 3