Reunion of the Descendants of Wolf and Franziska von Bibra

These Waltershausen pages are an appendix to the American Bibra Reunion which includes all descendants of Carl Ernst von Bibra and Caroline Sartorius von Waltershausen.

Held July 27, 28, and 29, 2006 at Wolf’s family home, Brennhausen, Germany.

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Portrait of Wolf von Bibra’s grandfather: Friedrich Philipp Ludwig von Bibra

Portrait of Wolf
von Bibra’s father: Carl Ernst Eugen von Bibra

Wedding photo

Photo probably taken about time of wedding

Wolf in 1890

Wolf and one of his daughters

Young Malou ?

Young Malou

Self Portrait of Wolf von Bibra


Anne Sutton’s card sent to aunts in Germany

Photo of Malou (or possibly Anne) in New Jersey

Malou Bauer

Drawing  of Anne Sutton by Wolf

Carl J. von Bibra in 1910 in New Jersey at age 13

Labeled “Annchen”
Anne Sutton

Malou Bauer at Brennhausen


Carl J von Bibra in 1931 at father-in-laws, Percy Thompson, home 11th Ave in Los Angeles
Carl J. with mother, wife
Carl J with mother
Carl J. with mother and sister Malou (?)
Josephine & Lolo c. 1931-2
The four aunts: Renate Schraudenbach, Josephine v. Bibra, Lolo, and Leonie