“Bibras” in Illinois

Bibras” in Illinois in 1860  

An “Edmund von Bibra“, wife Sophia, and young son Edmund. Age 38 in 1860. A physician born in Hungary and her in Prussia. Their marriage certificate from Adams County, Illinois on September 20, 1857 lists name as “Edmond Von Bibrera” and Sophie Helle. Edmund’s wife apparently remarried in 1873.  Their daughter, “Sophie von Bibra” (age 21, born in Chicago), married in 1885 to Charles Smith a banker. These two marriages were in Tazewell, Illinois. An “Edmo V. Bibra” was inducted and discharged into a Light Artillery unit in Missouri during the US Civil War (1861-1865).  I could not tie Edmund to family tree despite good records. Beginning to wonder if from “von Bibran-Modlau” family.