Albrecht von Bibra
Albrecht was one of the
three patron for the
rebuilding of the church at
Bibra in 1492.  His coat of
arms, along with Kilian and
Lorenz's, is above the
alter.  Also, I believe one of
the three alters was
commissioned by him.  I
believe he succeeded his
cousin Kilian as head of the
cathedral council, often the
second most important
position in the bishopic.
Albrecht's Bronze Grave Plate in the Würzburg  cathedral
and a print from the family history of it.
A photograph of his grave plate at the Würzburg Cathedral near Lorenz’s grave monument
On the right is a lithograph from one of the Family Histories (see Scholarship Page)
Below is a different print from an earlier 1600 or 1700's book on Wurzburg