Frequently Asked Questions
1) Who will own the Youth House?  Who decides who can use the Youth House?  
What role does the Youth House Committee or the Rotary Club of South Pasadena

Since the building will be owned by the city, the city makes the rules.  The Rotary Club and
community partners are working with the city to raise the funds and design and build the
structure.  How the building is used is not up to the Rotary Club but the city.

2) What are the criteria for using the house?

The Youth House Committee or the Rotary Club of South Pasadena cannot answer on behalf
of the city but as we have been present at many Parks and Recreation Committee meetings of
the city, we can give our interpretation of what the city says on the subject.  The Parks and
Recreation Committee current draft use regulations envision giving preference to using the
structure for youth related activities.  Since youth five and over are usually in school during
the day, they envision some non-youth activities then.  Their highest priority for use are for
youth organizations with 50% or greater South Pasadena residents.  Girl Scouts (K-12) and
Cub Scouts (K-5) are anticipated to wish use the house but other organizations are certainly
able to use it too.  The city itself may use it infrequently.  Other non-profits, for-profits, families
would likely also be able to use it with the city making a criteria list determining the order of

3) What is the house like inside?  What services/equipment will be provided?

The house is basically a large room with a unisex bathroom and kitchen area.  The "kitchen
area” will be pretty basic.  Tables and chairs will be there or stored in large storage
cupboards at end of room.

4) Will reservations be required to use the Youth House?

Strong indications from the city are that reservations will be required.

5) Will there be fees to use the house?

The fee schedule has not yet been determined.  We are considering paying for any use-fees
by some of the youth organizations to relieve them of that burden.