In Hesse, just outside of Eisenach, Thuringia is a village and
castle that was half owned by the Schwebheim Bibra from 1757
to 1850.  Ernst Karl Treusch von Buttlar zu Willershausen and
Frankenfels and Charlotte von von Bibra from Schwebheim.  
Married contract July 4, 1748, marriage July 6, 1748.  

Upon Ernst Karl death in 1757, the estate (including the fief)
passed to the two daughters (or the husbands??).  Friederike
Sophia’s sister, Caroline married Heinrich von Kutzleben.  The
estate was divided between the two families on September 27,
1817 by Friedrich August von Kutzleben.  Friederike Sophia
von Bibra, born Treusch v. Buttlar died on August 7, 1787.  As
the fief (half of Willershausen) was passed to both male and
female descendants (rare occurance), it was successfully
transferred to her many descendants both male and female
September 3, 1789.  

I believe in 1848 feudalism ended in Germany and ownership
transferred to the fief holders.  The daughters and
granddaughters received compensation during the Bibra years
and at the sale.  Shortly thereafter Ernst von Bibra, the sole
male Bibra (and probably all) descendant sold their portion in
1850 to Landgrave Carl August of Hesse. From 1889 to 1992
the Landgraves of Hesse were owner of the property. Today, a
golf course is maintained.
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