Kloster Veßra
Henneberg - associated Kloster which was closely associated
with the Bibra family especially in the 1400's.  Bishop Lorenz was
educated here as a child.  Many family members were buried
there prior to the completion of St. Leo's Church in Bibra which
was begun in 1492.  (In the 1300's many were buried at Kloster
Rohr.)  While three grave stones remain at church (see below), I
don't know what happened to other markers.  It was reported to
me, but I have not been able to verify, that they were moved to
Bibra.  The Henneberg grave stones were removed to
Schleusingen hundreds of years ago.  The kloster was mostly as
a parish church when it burned down in around 1940.
Model of Bibra in Kloster Veßra by E Heß
Bibra grave stones that remained there have been
removed for restoration.  As of August, 2006 it was to
place the stones upon completion.
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