Books on the Bibra Family - Page 2
Family Histories Written by Wilhelm von Bibra in
1870 (v.0), 1880 (v.1), 1882(v.2), 1888(v.3)
Images from Vol. 0 & Vol 1
Four family histories: I) 1870 overall history of family with many beautiful pictures 2) 1880
Vol. 1 of more in depth history 3) 1882 vol. 2  4) 1888 vol. 3.  
Wilhelm von Bibra,
1870 volume
?Schloss, Bibra, Schloß, Irmelshausen, Veste Irmelshausen
Five Bibra castles from the 1870
Lorenz von Bibra coat of
arms from 1870 volume
Print from 1870 edition of Hans von Bibra
epithet in Bibra's St. Leo's (was buried in
Veßra) by Reimanschneider.
Engraving from 1880 (Vol. 1) of
Family History
Bibra Coins from
1870 volume
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