Czech Republic
Barock Palace south-east of Pilzen, Czech Republic.  Its current form is
due to major remodel by
Baumeister Giacomo Antonio de Maggi begun
in 1705 and completed in 1737.

Prince-Bishop, Prince Abbot Heinrich’s nephew, Philipp Anton von
Bibra (1751-1826 ) purchased it in 1808 from Prof. Antonin Zürchauer
who himself purchase it a year earlier from František Dominik
Janovský.  Weisendorf, near Erlangen, had been sold in 1785.  Philip
Anton was also made a Bohemian baron.

By contract it went from Philip Anton to his son-in-law, Clemens Wenzel
von Boos zu Waldeck und Montfort, the husband his only surviving
child,  Johanna Carolina Thekla Freiin von Bibra (1774-1856).  
(Johanna was also the last of the Schnabelwaid , later Weisendorf
Line.)  Their son, Franz Anton von Boos zu Waldeck occupied the
place in 1832.