Bibra Coins
Other than Heinrich von Bibra
After death of Prince-Bishop Heinrich von Bibra in Fulda, this coin (1788 Taler) was minted with the
coat of arms of all the Cathedral Chapter.  I believe the bear at "3:30" represents Sigmund von Bibra.
Restrike of Lorenz von Bibra coin 1513
Commemorative Token of Adventure World at Bibra Lakes
(name after member of family) near Perth Australia
1507 Gulden (?) Lorenz von Bibra Gold Coin
Lorenz von Bibra first Wuerzburg bishop with
right to mint gold coins (?)
Print from 1870 Family History
Medallion minted by DDR (East Germany
with image of one of the three Bibra alters,
Romhild Vischer tomb on back
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excluding Heinrich
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(Very Good)
Lorenz von Bibra, 1511,  35.35 g. Büste / Wappen. Rand mit