Carl Friedrich von Bibra
of Höchheim later Bibra Line
Carl Friedrich von Bibra was apparently born May 6, 1764. He
became the Family Senior in 1826 and died April 11, 1832. He was
the last Erbuntermarschalls of Würzburg as the German Reich
dissolved.  He seems to have been the center of the rearranging of
property in the Bibra Family.  In the time frame of 1802 to 1816, he
receive all or part of Bibra upon death of cousin and sold Höchheim
and part of Brennhausen to cousins.  (See pages 162 and 163 of
original family history and pages 28, 29, 219 of Martin Stingl book)
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm
Gottlob von Bibra
of Irmelshausen Line
The famous painting of the three brother at Irmelshausen also includes him.  
The half a building in the background is unknown.