Coat of Arms
- Wappen
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Kilian von Bibra, Wappen, St. Leo
Windows of the three founders of the St. Leo's Kirche in 1492
Kilian, Albrecht, and Lorenz
2nd earliest know coat of arms on grave known
to me - 1379 of member of Voit von Rieneck
and his apparent  Bibra  wife, see grave section
Coat of Arms on outside of
Bibra church, probably 1492
Link to more detail
Vischer Coat of Arms
Link to more detailed Lorez von
Bibra Coat of Arms from Family
Link to Bibra Coat of Arms
from Grave in Bibra Church
Link to detail of Vischer Grave plate in
Cathredal in Würzburg 1530
Link to Conrad's Coat of Arms on
Rathaus Würzburg 1544
Link to more detailed Relief
based on Riemanschneider's
Tomb of Lorenz von Bibra
Earliest known Bibra Coat of
Arms -
1217 seal of Berthold von Bibra
in document witnessing sale