Art by "C. v. Bibra" and
"M. v. Bibra" page 4

C. v. Bibra and M. v. Bibra Prints
and Paintings Value
their value.  What I write here relates particularly to prints already on this web site.  If you
have a print or painting not on this web site, I would greatly appreciate an email hopefully with
an attached photo.  If you have a picture that is not on the web site, there is a reasonable
chance that it is an original, not a reproduction.

Reproductions are typically not highly valued with at least on exception.  Unframed prints go
from $5-10 for a very small prints to $20-25 for larger.  Framed prints go for $25-40.  The
exception would be for puzzles of the prints which I have seen only one which sold for
hundreds of British Pounds.

Originals, as you expect, sale for much higher prices. $120-600 is a typical range.  A vase
with flowers would normally be on the lower end of that range. I have several ideas to help
you determine whether it is an original.

1. If on the web site, then you copy is very likely a copy.  This obviously is not definitive as
there had to be an original somewhere for every reproduction.

2. If it is flat and not a watercolor, then it is a reproduction.

3. If it is textured, it could be either as many of the prints were given texture to show brush

4. If it is on canvas, it is likely original.

5. If it is on cardboard, it is a reproduction unless the cardboard is just a backing.