Art by Wolf von Bibra, page
Opus II Serio A Fischerdorf
The Strange Story of a fishing village painting.
The story begins July 1, 2015 when a Tim in New Orleans brought to my attention this painting by Wolf.  As you
can see the painting was in horrible condition.  Tim
Angle offered and I accepted shipping the painting (and
frame) to me for only the cost of shipping.  He packaged the painting for no additional cost.  I accepted Tim
very generous offer.  At this point I brought the painting to an oil painting restorer by the name of Tom Turner
in Altadena, CA.  When Tom examined the painting it became clear a restoration would be a major and
expensive task.  As it made no economic sense only sentimental, my mother Pat decided to go ahead.  In the
end it was much more work to remove the over paint by later painters.  The remaining clouds may include some
overpaint but we had to draw the line somewhere.
The back of the painting prior to restoration showing title and damage to painting.
Prior to vacuuming to painting flat and attaching a new backing to canvas.
Vacuuming the painting flat.
Partial removal of over paint
prior to most of repairs to paint made
Completed painting
Tom Turner with completed painting