Bibras in America in
18th & 19th Centuries page 2
Friedrich Freiherr von Bibra zu Irmelshausen

July 21, 1813                 _                          February 9. 1851
Weilburg, Germany                                   Brooklyn, New York

widow and son returned to Germany.  He is buried in Brooklyn at Greenwood
Cemetery (world first modern cemetery) near the chapel without marker.

Cemetery (world first modern cemetery) near the chapel without marker.

Grave 179 in Lot 3667
son August Amalius Karl Gerhard Theodor
Friedrich mother died two days after he was born
wife died Frankfurt a.M. October 24, 1897
son died Aug. 7, 1940 in Hannover, Family Senior
Ersnt von Bibra father, Ferdinand
Johann Wenzel von Bibra
+ 1807, fought under General
Jean Baptiste de Rochambeau in
Revolutionary War on behalf of
Eduard von Bibra - my grandfather's address book from around 1930 lists Eduard von Bibra at
2507 Brooklyn Ave. Boyle Heights (
Los Angeles)
Wilhelmsdorf 4
Jugostrasse 19, Bezirk Wien

Unsolved mystery, perhaps Edmund von Bibra below or someone else
"Bibras" in Illinois -  Bibras in Illinois in 1860.  An "Edmund von Bibra", wife Sophia, and young son
Edmund.  Age 38 in 1860.  A physician born in Hungary and she in Prussia.   Their marriage certificate from
Adams county, Illinois in  September 20, 1857 lists name as "
Edmond Von Bibrera" and Sophie Helle.  Edmund's
wife apparently remarried in 1873.  Their daughter, "Sophie von Bibra" (age 21, born in Chicago) , married in
1885 to Charles Smith a banker.  These two marriages were in Tazewell, Illinois.  An "Edmo V. Bibra" was inducted
and discharged into a Light Artillery unit in Missouri during the US Civil War (1861-1865).  I could not tie Edmund
to family tree despite good records.  Beginning to wonder if from "
von Bibran-Modlau" family.
"Friedrich Henrich von Bibra of Modlau, Silesia", traveled to America in 1759 the same year he subscribed
to the “der Nord Carolina Land und Colonie Etablissement.”  Appears to be almost certainly from an a different
family due to a misreading.  Probably "
Friedrich Heinrich von Bibran-Modlau of Silesia" another
Link to one reference to his ownership #26
The other New York "Bibras" -
Carl von Bibra 1830-1899, listed as "CARL BIEBRA" on son's birth certificate

Gravestone also at Greenwood Cemetery (see top) has "KARL UND CHRISTINA VON BIBRA"

A "Carl Von Bibra" enlisted as wagoner in military as wagoner at age 28.  Likely same person.

Frederick's descendants live through the US.  I have information on this.

Despite some effort, I have not been able to tie Frederick to von Bibra family.  There are other people in Germany
with last name "Bibra" with no known connection to the "von Bibra" family or could be from the above "
Bibran-Modlau" family which is sometimes referred to as "von Bibra".
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